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  1. With warm greetings from Germany:

    Dear team of «Dva Mu». A heartfelt thank you for your wonderful work, delicious food and excellent service, and for the special friendly welcome! We had been taken care very well and we are happy to spent this time with you. Special thanks to Alice for the cordial and competent service. We will come again and recommend «Dva Mu» to everyone.

  2. Veronica:

    It’s always nice to come and sit down at a table. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner — too lazy to cook. The girls will meet with the warm hospitality, feed thanks to the cooks for the delicious and separately for the carrot cake. Delicious, warm, cozy. Let it be so with you always!

  3. Sergey:

    Your restaurant has passed a whole era of our events: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries… we invite all our guests to the «Dva Mu». We met with famous people: Alexander Ustyugov, Sergey Drobotenko, Alexander Kogan … we want this list to continue to grow:) Huge THANKS for all the staff of the restaurant, for a varied menu and instant response to our comments and requests. Alice, Ira, Natalia! Thank you for your sincerity, pleasant smiles and warm welcome!

  4. Tatiana:

    A lovely evening in your restaurant. The food service was excellent. The addition was a virtuoso pianist Alexander Kogan, who played the whole evening the music of the famous artists. The dishes were delicious, especially the hot seafood salad, Irina looked spotless and very beautiful. Thank you for the warm welcome!

  5. Savelyeva Lubov:

    Thank you so much for a magical evening. We got great pleasure from the music and amazing cuisine. And, as always (we are regulars), for excellent service to our girls: Alice and Irina. All the best to You! Love, happiness and prosperity for «Dva Mu». Happy New year and Merry Christmas!

  6. V. A. Novokhatko:

    My anniversary is 70 years. I decided to meet my friend. We went to the restaurant «Dva Mu». We went and forgot that I was 70, and Vera Alekseevna 80 years. Thank you for your kind attitude to the citizen of the Siege of Leningrad. Adopted so beautifully and with love! Gratitude, Alice, Irina, Sergei, Polina. We wish you all good health and prosperity!

  7. Streams E. S.:

    As a regular guest of your restaurant, I want to note that the kitchen has become much better. We were pleasantly surprised that, despite the fact that the food was always great, it became even better!!! Thank You!!!

  8. Tatiana:

    Thanks to the management and staff of the restaurant for the excellent work! Your restaurant has become a cozy place for us to relax, everything is great-kitchen, design, music! Sincerely, Your regular visitors.

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