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  1. Natalia and Sergey says:

    For many years, coming to St. Petersburg, we visit the restaurant «Dva Mu». Very cosy atmosphere, delicious cuisine, impeccable service. Special thanks to the administrator Irina, who always welcomes us with a smile, as family members!

  2. Olga says:

    Thank you for a delicious and hearty lunch, be sure that we come to you again!

  3. Natalia, Olga, Lena, Larisa says:

    Dear our favorite restaurant! Thank you very much for the comfort and atmosphere that we have enjoyed for more than 10 years! We come here with friends, friends and friends of friends and every time we get great pleasure from communication with the staff, from well-prepared dishes and live music. Your restaurant is a great place to enjoy and relax. Special thanks to Alice for the attention and companionship. Love You!!!

  4. Anastasia says:

    Thank you! The service is the best, the work of stuff is perfect, for Chef’s work we give 10+. Nothing more beautiful has not yet been found in Saint-Petersburg. Dream to return! Thanks again!

  5. Best regards from Paris. says:

    Dear restaurant team, dear Irina!
    Your restaurant is so beautiful, wonderful and cosy! The cuisine is delicious and Irina’s service is wonderful! We felt so good and we had an amazing evening with you! Thank you! We will not forget You and hope to come back again next year. Thank you very much once again, we love St. Petersburg and «Dva Mu». You are the best!

  6. With warm greetings from Germany says:

    Dear team of «Dva Mu». A heartfelt thank you for your wonderful work, delicious food and excellent service, and for the special friendly welcome! We had been taken care very well and we are happy to spent this time with you. Special thanks to Alice for the cordial and competent service. We will come again and recommend «Dva Mu» to everyone.

  7. Veronica says:

    It’s always nice to come and sit down at a table. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – too lazy to cook. The girls will meet with the warm hospitality, feed thanks to the cooks for the delicious and separately for the carrot cake. Delicious, warm, cozy. Let it be so with you always!

  8. Sergey says:

    Your restaurant has passed a whole era of our events: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries… we invite all our guests to the «Dva Mu». We met with famous people: Alexander Ustyugov, Sergey Drobotenko, Alexander Kogan … we want this list to continue to grow:) Huge THANKS for all the staff of the restaurant, for a varied menu and instant response to our comments and requests. Alice, Ira, Natalia! Thank you for your sincerity, pleasant smiles and warm welcome!

  9. Irina and Lyudmila says:

    Today is April 9th! Traditionally, we went with a friend to our favorite restaurant. The atmosphere created here is peaceful and relaxing. Even more happy and creates a positive emotional background of your restaurant staff, in particular Irina! Her hospitality increases appetite. By the way, about the kitchen! They cook very tasty here, it is felt that it is important for the cooks that we leave full and satisfied. Thank them very much for that!!! We hope that nothing will change and we will not change our tradition for another half a century! We’ll come back again and will have fun. Special thanks to everyone who has an attitude and creates an atmosphere of positive impressions, delicious, musical unforgettable evenings! Thank you!

  10. Lyudmila Cherkasy says:

    I want to thank all the restaurant staff. On February 23 I celebrated my anniversary in this restaurant. Thank you for the warm welcome, comfort, hospitality. Thank you for the delicious food and the variety of dishes. Many thanks to Irina who served our banquet. I want to wish all the staff all the best and prosperity to your very cozy and comfortable, in all respects, restaurant. Thank you very much!

  11. Erofeev's Wife says:

    Today is Valentine’s Day. We decided to sit at your restaurant for dinner. We sit and remember how many years we have been your regular guests. We, our friends, relatives and acquaintances.
    And, as always, we were greeted by an intelligent, calm, kind atmosphere, very tasty food and our sweet, charming Alice.
    We congratulate all the restaurant workers on the holiday of lovers.

  12. Golubeva T. S. Solntsev V. N. says:

    06.02.2018 G.
    We, residents of the besieged Leningrad, came to your restaurant to have a snack and drink tea. Were very touched and surprised by the cultural, attentive service employee Natasha. Thank you very much for your attention and kindness. Keep it up and good luck to you all!

  13. Dmitry says:

    I express my gratitude to the staff of the restaurant «Dva Mu» for organizing a wonderful meeting on the day of lifting the siege of Leningrad for the veterans of the municipal district of Kolomna.
    At the festively laid tables veterans remembered the past, warmly talked to each other and sang songs of his youth.
    This is not the first such event, traditionally on the day of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad and on Victory day, the restaurant «Dva Mu» hosts veterans of the war and the rear, the blockade and juvenile prisoners living in Kolomna.

    Thank you.
    With respect, Nechaev Dmitry, Deputy of the municipal Council of the Kolomna.

  14. Jens -Olaf says:

    Three friends, Sergei, Max and Jens-Olaf, enjoyed a wonderful evening in a beautifully furnished restaurant. After a hard day, we felt as at home here. A special thank you we say to friendly Alice. She gave us great advice and we enjoyed your cook’s wonderful tastes with all our taste buds. It was absolutely, absolutely fine cooking art of the best quality! We were completely satisfied!

  15. Tatiana says:

    A lovely evening in your restaurant. The food service was excellent. The addition was a virtuoso pianist Alexander Kogan, who played the whole evening the music of the famous artists. The dishes were delicious, especially the hot seafood salad, Irina looked spotless and very beautiful. Thank you for the warm welcome!

  16. Savelyeva Lubov says:

    Thank you so much for a magical evening. We got great pleasure from the music and amazing cuisine. And, as always (we are regulars), for excellent service to our girls: Alice and Irina. All the best to You! Love, happiness and prosperity for «Dva Mu». Happy New year and Merry Christmas!

  17. A group of French says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome. The staff is very smiling. We had a wonderful evening. Everything was delicious. Great music!

  18. V. A. Novokhatko says:

    My anniversary is 70 years. I decided to meet my friend. We went to the restaurant «Dva Mu». We went and forgot that I was 70, and Vera Alekseevna 80 years. Thank you for your kind attitude to the citizen of the Siege of Leningrad. Adopted so beautifully and with love! Gratitude, Alice, Irina, Sergei, Polina. We wish you all good health and prosperity!

  19. Marina says:

    You have in the restaurant is delicious. I ordered white chicken noodles. The portion is huge, and how many mushrooms and meat! Sauce!! mmm … Very, very tasty!!! Pleasant and friendly service. Thank You! Let your path be bright and successful!

  20. Guests from the Mikhailovsky theatre says:

    Natasha, Alice, well done, You are the best, great service, thank you so much that you have:) Bravo! Bravo! I’ll come again

  21. Family Valievich says:

    We celebrated our anniversary in your restaurant. I liked it very much, wonderful cuisine, cozy atmosphere. Special thanks to the charming singer Olga, raised the mood with a wonderful repertoire. We’ll come back and get some friends. Thank you!

  22. Streams E. S. says:

    As a regular guest of your restaurant, I want to note that the kitchen has become much better. We were pleasantly surprised that, despite the fact that the food was always great, it became even better!!! Thank You!!!

  23. Guest from Tallinn says:

    beautiful restaurant, great service, now it has become one of my favorite, Julien excellent, all super, thank you very much!

  24. Guest from Kaliningrad. Cherry L. I. says:

    When I visit St. Petersburg, I visit your restaurant. I always order “grilled pork” with rustic potatoes Always very tasty. But, this time I want to Express special gratitude. The taste of the dish was excellent. Well, very tasty!!!

  25. Alexander says:

    Natalia, the Manager of the restaurant «Dva Mu». special thanks for a wonderful, excellent evening spent in a cozy atmosphere. Thank you for the good mood this evening. Good Luck!

  26. Tatiana says:

    Thanks to the management and staff of the restaurant for the excellent work! Your restaurant has become a cozy place for us to relax, everything is great-kitchen, design, music! Sincerely, Your regular visitors.

  27. Irina Pavlovna says:

    On July 9, we walked around the city, went with my granddaughter to the restaurant «Dva Mu». We were met by a very charming girl administrator named Natalia! Short communication with her was so pleasant that, after thinking a little , we decided to celebrate the 65th anniversary here. We ate a delicious meal and we were very happy. Thank you Natasha for her kind smile, charming look and pleasant voice! See you on July 29!!! All the best and most beautiful to you!!!

  28. Irina, Andrew, Anna says:

    2 July 2017. We were pleasantly surprised and had a great pleasure! The menu, which seems to be standard, turned out to be an unusual and very creative approach of cooks ‘ creativity. Many thanks to the cooks!

  29. Krasimir and Antonina says:

    01.07.17 g. Went to your restaurant to see the menu and were pleasantly surprised by the presence of a variety of Lenten dishes. We decided to stay and have lunch. Everything was delicious. Thank you! Prosperity to You and more visitors!

  30. Natalia. Moscow says:

    Wonderful restaurant! Service at a high level: polite and timely. Special thanks to Irina for the wonderful mood! Come again!

  31. Husky Zita, Paul, Elena, Nastya. says:

    Your beautiful city we visited with family and with a dog. Restaurant “Two Mu”, represented by a wonderful employee Irina, took us to lunch with our pet:) Irina served well, offered delicious food and was very Friendly with us! We want to thank you very much and more you loyal and friendly guests!!! Your restaurant will be recommended to our friends and visit during a visit to Your city. Thank you!

  32. Family from acre (Israel) says:

    Many thanks to Natasha and Alice for the warm welcome, friendly participation and kind attention. Thanks to the kitchen staff for the great menu. We will recommend Your restaurant to all friends and acquaintances who want to visit your city.

  33. Artists of the Mikhailovsky theatre says:

    There is a lovely restaurant «Dva Mu», its cosy atmosphere done by two charming, beautiful, the best in the world girls: Natasha and Alice!!! Attentive, sincere, cultural in all respects! I would like to see such people was much more! Many thanks to Natasha and Alice for the good mood and for the home atmosphere!

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