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If you want to have a tasty lunch with an affordable price - come to «Dva-Mu»

Our excellent chefs, who are in love with their work, will prepare delicious dishes for you.

You can order, for example, an «Imperial» salad with beef tongue and pickles or a French salad «Niçoise» with fried tuna and potatoes…

You have the chance to try different kinds of soups! «Norwegian soup» with cream and several kinds of fish; Russian soup «Solyanka» made according to the classic meat recipe; Russian red «Borsch» with a bun with bacon and hot pepper…

Definitely try our second courses! Even just hearing their names, you will immediately need to try it: beef steak with rustic potatoes; salmon with spinach sauce and shrimp with potato pancakes; salmon tempura-tender roll of salmon in sesame and seaweed with ginger-orange sauce…

The bar has a large selection of cocktails, perfectly made coffee, delicious tea, fresh juices.

Come and enjoy our service! Here, tourists, gourmets, and modest guests wishing to spend a cosy evening with a cup of coffee, will be welcomed with the same warmth.

When ordering a dish
costing 350 rubbles or more,
we offer you 1 shot of vodka for free!

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